Our Strategic Plan

Find out more about our vision for waterskiing and wakeboarding in Scotland.


We believe passionately in the benefits that outdoor sporting activities can bring to our physical, mental and social health. We want to help to share these benefits with as many people as possible by helping our community of clubs, venues and participants to grow and develop.

After a significant amount of time spent listening and thinking we produced a one-year strategy for 2021 that focused on recovery from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and started to shape a new era for our sports.

During 2021 we continued to listen to and collect feedback from all corners of our community. What we heard told us that we were on the right track, so we have built on the 2021 Strategic Plan to produce an exciting strategy that will guide us through the next three seasons.

We will promote waterskiing and wakeboarding activities, encouraging individuals to get outside, to get healthy, and to get happy. We will continue to provide professional and dedicated support to our clubs and operators and will support and promote inclusion and wellbeing in all that we do!

Our Vision

A community of people from all walks of life and backgrounds participating in our sports, having fun, sharing successes and developing into who they want to be.

Our Mission

  • To help individuals develop sporting and life skills which will help them grow and evolve
  • To help clubs and venues be dynamic centres of excellence that provide the best experiences and coaching
  • To support our welcoming, fun, friendly and inclusive community

Our Values

  • COMMUNITY: embracing, supporting and sharing
  • PROGRESS: nurturing and supporting growth and development
  • FUN: providing excitement and celebrating success

Our Strategy



Empower our participants with up to date information about developments in our sports

Nurture supportive connections and friendships

Showcase our fantastic experiences, activities, and events

Celebrate successes – no matter how big or small


Act as a central resource promoting the fantastic experiences, activities, and events available at our clubs and venues

Work together with clubs and venues to help them develop local partnerships and community connections


Identify ways to promote our sports and increase awareness of our community and activities

Create national partnerships and form connections with other bodies which will help to raise the profile of our sports

Build a strong community ethos across Scotland’s waterski and wakeboard clubs and venues



Create innovative and exciting professional coaching experiences

Provide thrilling competitions and events, encouraging participants to play hard, train hard and have a great time

Nurture and encourage progression, growth, and enjoyment

Develop pathways that will support clubs and venues deliver the best experiences for their participants

Develop pathways that will support clubs and venues to develop exceptional staff and volunteers

Create innovative programmes and resources which provide opportunities for progression, growth, and enjoyment

Create competition programmes that engage and inspire



Share support and advice to anyone looking to learn more about our sports

Be there to support all participants – from 1st-time triers to elite athletes/competitors

Promote key safety messages

Act as an expert resource for our clubs and venues

Support and recognise the contribution of staff and volunteers

Be a voice for our sports

Be a trusted leader in sport

Ensure transparency, efficiency, and professionalism in all that we do

Delivering Our Strategy

We will deliver this strategy progressively over the next three seasons. Each year we will develop our existing programmes and resources and create new initiatives which enhance our overall offering. This process will be guided by a road map that charts key milestones that we will aim to achieve each year.

Each year we will develop an annual operational plan which details our actions for that period and we will report our progress against this to our members, the public and sportscotland.

The strategy will be delivered by the staff and board of Waterski and Wakeboard Scotland with the support of and through our fantastic community of clubs, venues and volunteers.

Beyond 2025

While creating this Strategic Plan we have also taken the opportunity to look beyond the horizon of the cycle dictated by our sportscotland investment and have created a set of OKRs (Objectives and Key Results). These objectives define what success looks like for our sports in the longer term and the key results provide the basis for this strategy.

To ensure we stay on the right course these OKRs will be continually reviewed by the Waterski and Wakeboard Team based on feedback received from clubs, venues, members and participants.

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